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on top of me you look this way
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feelin's: lonely lonely

i'd tap that

Could it sound more beautiful?  On top of this, could he be more beautiful?  On top of him, could I feel more beautiful?  

Pfft, what a terrific fag I am.

Hello distant friends.  It's certainly been a while.

2007 was a year for suicide attempts, drug laundering and overdoses.  If you want to know something incredibly ridiculous, read on.  I urge you.

I've been my mother's whipping thing since birth, and she's stolen trust funds, pawned my clothing, tried to sue people who molested me as a child for her own financial benefit... oh so many things for money.  It doesn't end there.  I don't think it ever will.  But she's been using me as a theoretical drug mule for a couple years now; recently, the stupid, tired affair has gotten blackly humorous.  Here we go!

I pay high schoolers SHE WORKS WITH for the drugs SHE WANTS.  I speak in present tense, although it's been a while since any transactions were made.  Now here's the weird part (cause that part there isn't weird at all).  These high schoolers who can't spell for siht and think Abraham Lincoln invented five dollar bills - they've managed to create a mode of drug dealership that doesn't incriminate them at all.  Instead of direct transfer, person to person, I bid on - yes - My Little Ponies (oh eBay) so they get their money, cut off the heads of these little fruity horses, pack them with weed and angel dust, whatever she's craving at the time, glue the heads back on, and transfer them to Mommy Dearest.  She returns the ponies to me, as if I want them, and now I appear to have a pretty substantial collection.

Great for the whole "Robbie is gayer than the purple knight at the Renaissance Faire" theory.

Anyway, as you can see, there is no phone number to trace, no message, no business cards so to speak.

Just.  Ponies.

The queerest part?  I'm really starting to like them.

Maybe I am gayer than the purple knight.  At least he's not lavender.  Or periwinkle, for that matter.

I'm still with Jenna, but I've become a serial cheater.

As I mentioned, there's a Mr. Bocetti (ew, that sounds pervy... he's actually my age o_O) with long black hair and seriously pale eyes who I met at (gasp!) college.  Now, no worries here... it's community college, and my apathy rivals that of an exciting statement concluded with a period.  

My best class is Advanced Sculpture, in which I weld metal, slap plaster all over newspaper people (and myself) and basically fondle wood for the carnal pleasure of it.

That's all I have to say about school.

That's really all I have to say in general.  Ima go read your recent entries and look at fetish clothing online.

It's... cathartic to be back.


feelin's: contemplative contemplative

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I don't know where I've been.  In a constant, drug-induced stupor perhaps.  No no, don't worry, I'm not smoking crack up in here.  It's like, you know.  Stuff I should not be mixing with egg nog and rum, no doubt, but hey, it's Christmas.  Or it was, a couple days ago.  
My dad was "too depressed" this year to celebrate Hannukah.  I couldn't see my mom for Christmas; my sister went away to spend the holidays with her Mexicans.  Humbug?  
I got my dad Creedence collections and opera stuff and Swingers.  He got me Bristol and an easel and finger puppets.
I've got to go because my dad wants to watch My Girl.
Okay.  Updates later?  Perhaps.  And I'll check all y'all out, because I do so miss you.  For serious.

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These are quotations from a letter I recently received from Amnesty International. I've been charter president for years now, but Monsieur Sheideman will never release me, because he hates me on account of me knowing all the answers in French class but only raising my hand after ten minutes of everyone else proving that teenagers are worth their weight in rocks.

As you read this, the rule of law and the weight of compelling evidence are calling into question the policies of the Bush Administration.  As a result, the U.S. goverment is facing intense pressure to end its profoundly disturbing human rights abuses.

But that's the last thing the Administration has in mind.

Instead of stopping human rights violations that have drawn the Supreme Court's rebuke and the world's comtempt, they are actually urging Congress and the American people to actively endorse and intentionally excuse brutal policies and practices that have no place in our world.

And now the examples begin.  (Parentheses are my commentary.) 

We're asking people of conscience all across the nation to consider whether the America they believe in would torture people... would imprison people for years without charges, without hope, and without end... would kidnap people off the street and transport them to regimes with a record of brutal human rights violations... and would allow people held in its custody to be subjected to horrific abuse.

And, perhaps most important of all, we're asking people to examine whether the America they believe in would let its own outrageous conduct provide cover and comfort for the actions of the world's most brutal human rights violators.

If you're not already part of our Online Action Center, go now and sign up at www.amnestyusa.org/act so that you will recieve all of the latest information, and so that you can take immediate action when it matters most.

(To me, the most disturbing of all.)
Now we must marshal all our resources because the decisions that Congress and the American people make in the weeks ahead will not simply set America's course on human rights.  They will go a long way toward setting the world's course.

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