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The U.S.: Why Everyone Hates Us - on top of me you look this way
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The U.S.: Why Everyone Hates Us
These are quotations from a letter I recently received from Amnesty International. I've been charter president for years now, but Monsieur Sheideman will never release me, because he hates me on account of me knowing all the answers in French class but only raising my hand after ten minutes of everyone else proving that teenagers are worth their weight in rocks.

As you read this, the rule of law and the weight of compelling evidence are calling into question the policies of the Bush Administration.  As a result, the U.S. goverment is facing intense pressure to end its profoundly disturbing human rights abuses.

But that's the last thing the Administration has in mind.

Instead of stopping human rights violations that have drawn the Supreme Court's rebuke and the world's comtempt, they are actually urging Congress and the American people to actively endorse and intentionally excuse brutal policies and practices that have no place in our world.

And now the examples begin.  (Parentheses are my commentary.) 

* In its Hamdan v. Rumsfeld decision, the Supreme Court overturned a central tenet of the U.S. "war on terror" policy. It rejected the same military tribunals that the U.S. had set up to deal with detainess and ruled that Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions -- which prohibits torture, cruel, humiliating or degrading treatment -- must be honored. (Just wait.)

* Meanwhile, 20 former U.S. Army Interrogators and Interrogation Technicians in a public statement delivered to Congress have refuted the assertion that "coercive interrogation techniques" and torture are needed to win the war on terror. The statement's signers represent over 200 years of service and experience and include Chief Warrant Officer 5 Donal Marquis (coincidence that he shares a name with the Marquis de Sade?) who, at the time of his retirement earlier this year, was the Army's most senior Interrogator.

* Rather than respecting the intent of the Supreme Court's Hamdam v. Rumsfeld decision, there is a movement afoot in Congress, with encouragement from the White House, to pass legislation that simply ratifies many of the rules of the sham military tribunals that the Court rejected.

* Meanwhile, the Administration is seeking to persuade Congress to narrow the scope of the U.S. War Crimes Act to prevent prosecution of U.S. personnel for humiliating and degrading treatment of detainees in the "war on terror."

* "... the President "wants Congress to make the United States the first country to repudiate the language of the Geneva Conventions." To protect those who have engaged in and authorized reprehensible practices, this Administration is ready to undermine the Geneva Conventions, one of the most critical underpinnings of global human rights protections.

* This step would severely undermine the rule of law and would send a dangerous message to those engaged in abuses that they may be able to act with impunity. And, if there is a single lesson Amnesty has learned when it comes to ending human rights abuses, it is this: Where impunity reigns, torture and ill-treatment thrive.

We're asking people of conscience all across the nation to consider whether the America they believe in would torture people... would imprison people for years without charges, without hope, and without end... would kidnap people off the street and transport them to regimes with a record of brutal human rights violations... and would allow people held in its custody to be subjected to horrific abuse.

And, perhaps most important of all, we're asking people to examine whether the America they believe in would let its own outrageous conduct provide cover and comfort for the actions of the world's most brutal human rights violators.

If you're not already part of our Online Action Center, go now and sign up at www.amnestyusa.org/act so that you will recieve all of the latest information, and so that you can take immediate action when it matters most.

(To me, the most disturbing of all.)
Now we must marshal all our resources because the decisions that Congress and the American people make in the weeks ahead will not simply set America's course on human rights.  They will go a long way toward setting the world's course.

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robidee From: robidee Date: October 5th, 2006 06:51 pm (UTC) (Link)
Probably all together in American flag pajamas and sleeping bags while Dick Cheney reads them Bible stories.
flippancyno From: flippancyno Date: October 6th, 2006 04:59 am (UTC) (Link)
Can I confess, Father? I can't even make myself read this -- that is how jaded I've become when the subject of politics arises.

I am so sorry. I hope Jesus and God and the Green Latern can forgive me.
robidee From: robidee Date: October 6th, 2006 10:34 pm (UTC) (Link)
If they don't forgive, I will smite them, all them holy hoohads.
Smite them with my mighty sense of JUSTICE.
4 made my day // i'd tap that